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WordPress Migration

What is a website hosting migration service?

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Understand everything you need to know about server migration for website hosting.

Website hosting migration is a very common service, many customers are looking for a server with a more agile response, with more adequate support, with greater storage capacity or with lower monthly values ​​to keep the website up. A common moment for this change to occur is during the layout redesign, or when switching to a more current platform, which is more personalized or with more tools. In general terms, site migration means taking all the site’s code that is loaded on a remote server, saving it and passing it on to be loaded on a new server.

MW ONLINE specializes in this migration and has its own hosting servers, with several configuration options, so you can choose the ideal one for your moment, which results in better support and follow-up. In the plans specialized in WordPress, we even carry out all the necessary weekly updates and automatic monitoring throughout the duration of the contract.

Anyone who has a website hosted by foreign companies knows how complicated it is to get in touch, receive the necessary information and answers to make changes or recover the website when there is some kind of problem. With MW Online, the hosting service is proprietary and integrated with the support, so there is no such time between contact and the necessary answers, thus being agile to find solutions, make updates and include news.

Can incorrect information be loaded during migration?

MW ONLINE has a qualified team to assist in extracting internal information from your current website, importing complete content, organizing information and correcting potential broken links.

In addition to taking care to carry out all transfers correctly, MW ONLINE recommends paying attention to the files that are being transferred to the new system, since, many times, the files are obsolete or no longer used and just take up space on the system. Therefore, in addition to full migration, it is also recommended to scan the information being placed in order to have your storage space optimized.

In this way, we can say that the company works by facilitating all site migration processes, in other words, leave it to us and we guarantee that your site will have a hosting server that is easier to contact and all information entered correctly.

How long does it take on average to migrate my current website to MW Online hosting?

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As time is money, MW Online guarantees agility and quality in your migration.

In general, for sites programmed on the WordPress platform, it is possible to carry out the migration in less than 24 hours. Time is measured against the amount of data on your current website, i.e. the storage space the files occupy on the hosting.

If you have your website created on a platform other than WordPress, it is also possible to migrate hosting quickly and safely. However, depending on your site’s settings, it may take a little extra time to successfully make the change.

Also, it’s important to point out that your site won’t go offline during the migration, nor will you lose access to your email. All integration is done independently, that is, only when the new site is ready, the old one will be taken down.

If you have already canceled the old hosting, is it possible to migrate?

For the hosting migration of your old website to the MW Online servers to work there are two possible ways, they are: having your website and hosting still active with the old server or having a complete backup of your website, including files and database.

How to migrate to MW Online hosting?

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Make a budget without commitment, we have the best solutions for you.

If you’ve chosen to migrate your website’s hosting server, you’ve made an excellent choice! In addition to all the past information and benefits, you join top companies that use our system.

To get started, fill out the form with basic information so we can get in touch. It is important to already research where the site is currently hosted or leave your backup organized with all files and database.

Now that you understand what the migration of the hosting system to MW Online is, in addition to its benefits and solving some frequently asked questions, it is also interesting to point out about the WordPress system and what the platform can bring in terms of facilities for you, entrepreneur .

What is the WordPress system

For greater comfort and agility, we recommend that the management and content creation system used by your site is WordPress. This platform is very popular worldwide, and is used by public figures, bloggers and companies of all sizes, such as: Disney, SONY, The New York Times and Star Wars.

Finally, the reason for the system to be recommended and used so much is due to the speed of implementation, the possibility of customization and also the range of resources or tools to make your website more and more up-to-date.

Benefits of the WordPress Platform

  • Use a system that is constantly updated: you will not easily have your site becoming obsolete or with features that are no longer used. Through updates WordPress will always seek to keep you with the latest technology tools at your disposal.
  • Easy customization: through the control panel you will be able to create, manage and change contents, always leaving your website looking current and 100% your own. In addition, with the integrated tools (plug-ins) you can include more individualized options, making the site more robust and complete.
  • Security: you will have more security regarding the data entered in your forms and regular backups so you don’t lose anything that has already been created.
  • Support: greater ease of contact, as MW has its own server, it guarantees that it will have greater agility in resolving incidents and responding to customers.

If you are interested in creating a website from scratch, modernizing the existing one or transferring the content of the website that you manage to the WordPress platform, it is very simple! To get started, fill out the form with basic information so we can get in touch.