Your privacy is important to us and, therefore, it is our duty to respect it in relation to any information from you that we may collect on our website and in other services that we outsource. This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it and how it can be updated, managed, shared and deleted.
  1. GENERAL INFORMATION MW ONLINE, a legal entity governed by private law registered under CNPJ 34.019.149/0001-34, located at Rua Angeolino Caseli, n° 28, Vila Redentora, São José do Rio Preto – SP, CEP 15.015-010 understands as extremely relevant the electronic records and personal data left by you (“Holder”) in the use of our website and services, serving this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to regulate, in a simple, transparent and objective way, which personal data will be obtained, as well as when and how they can be used. This policy contains information on the collection, use, storage, treatment and protection of data from users and visitors to the website. This document was prepared in accordance with the General Law for the Protection of Personal Data (Law 13.709/18) and the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law 12.965/14). As a result of any regulatory update, there may be changes to this document, so it is important that the user consults it periodically. As this is non-sensitive personal data, the processing of data carried out by MW Online takes place under the legal basis that determines the provision of consent by the holder.
  2. HOW DO WE COLLECT PERSONAL DATA FROM USERS OR VISITORS There are three ways we collect data and information about you when you access or use our website (
    1. Voluntarily, through information provided by you;
    2. Automatically, through data that is processed automatically when you access or use our services;
    3. By sharing, i.e. information we receive about you from third-party services. Below, we describe how information may be collected in each of these three categories.Information Provided Voluntarily It is that information that the user himself provides when filling out contact or registration forms. These are basic personally identifiable data, such as: • Name; • Last name; • Email; • Cell phone. Information provided automatically when accessing our website When accessing our website, your electronic device automatically provides certain user registration information. This information may be provided by your own browser or device, as well as through cookies or other tools. It is important to clarify that we do not analyze this data individually, but statistically, with the sole purpose of better understanding the interests and needs of our users and visitors, so that we can improve the content and functionality of our website and application. Examples of this information are: • Internet Protocol (IP) user; • Browser used; • Geographic location (geolocation); • Access time to the website or application; • Pages visited within the site; • URL where the user or visitor comes from. Information provided by third parties We may also, in a secure and transparent manner, obtain information from other affiliated companies and/or partners, or from third parties contracted for the purpose of collecting and analyzing information. For example, the MW Online website ( receives data from third parties, such as Google and Facebook, for marketing and publicity. This data collected from third parties serves, among other things, to offer targeted and assertive online advertising, analyze and control data, determine the popularity of certain content and better understand your behavior on the network.
  3. WHAT PERSONAL DATA DO WE COLLECT Our processes are constantly adapted so that we collect only the necessary information. In addition, we have adopted internal processes and policies that ensure compliance with rules and good practices regarding the protection of personal data. The personal data collected from users and visitors to the website ( are the following: • Contact information: name, e-mail and telephone; • Data for browsing optimization: advertising cookies (Facebook), performance and analytics (Google Analytics).
  4. FOR WHAT PURPOSES DO WE USE THE PERSONAL DATA OF USERS AND VISITORS • User and visitor well-being: in order to improve the service offered, facilitate, streamline and fulfill the commitments established between the user and the company, improve the user experience and provide specific functionalities depending on the basic characteristics of the users. • Platform Enhancements: Performance analysis, as well as understanding how users utilize platform services, to help with business and technical development.
  5. WHAT TREATMENT DO WE CARRY OUT USER DATA Our application undertakes to apply technical measures to protect personal data from violations, unauthorized access and situations of destruction, loss, alteration or dissemination of data.
  6. HOW LONG DO WE STORE USERS’ PERSONAL DATA? We store the personal data of website users for the period necessary to provide the service, in accordance with the provisions of item I of article 15 of Law 13.70 9/18. Users’ personal data may only be retained after the end of its treatment in the following hypotheses provided for in article 16 of said Law: I – compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation by the controlling shareholder; II – study by research body, ensuring, whenever possible, the anonymization of personal data; III – transfer to a third party, provided that the data processing requirements set forth in this Law are respected; or IV – exclusive use by the controller, access by a third party is prohibited, and provided that the data is anonymized.
  7. CONSENT When using our services and providing personal data on our website or application, the user will consent to this Privacy Policy, since in each form there is a privacy consent term, in which the user must sign and be aware of in order to carry out the sending your data filled in the form. When registering or informing some of your personal data, the user demonstrates that he is aware of our privacy terms and can exercise his rights to cancel the account, as well as access and update his data at any time, guaranteeing the veracity of the information by it made available. The user has the right to withdraw his consent at any time. To do so, simply contact us via email:
  8. DIREITOS DOS USUÁRIOS Em nosso site, o usuário possui controle sobre seus dados pessoais. No formulário de contato existente em todas as páginas do site, o usuário consegue exercer seus direitos de forma simples e rápida. Nele, é possível solicitar: • O acesso aos dados pessoais: o usuário pode ter acesso imediato às suas informações pessoais e alterá-las sempre que necessário; • A solicitação de conhecimento sobre a utilização dos dados pessoais: se o usuário desejar conhecer como e para que seus dados são utilizados, nós enviamos um e-mail explicativo em até 5 dias após a solicitação. • A solicitação de exclusão dos dados pessoais: o usuário pode solicitar a exclusão de seus dados pessoais e, em até 5 dias, nós retornamos com uma resposta. Vale lembrar que alguns casos são passíveis de obrigações legais para mantermos os dados armazenados.
  9. DÚVIDAS Eventuais dúvidas a respeito da Política de Privacidade poderão ser encaminhadas diretamente para a pessoa responsável pela proteção dos dados pessoais, através do e-mail: [email protected]
  10. ATUALIZAÇÕES A MW Online reserva o direito de, a qualquer momento, efetuar atualizações que se fizerem necessárias à presente Política. É de inteira responsabilidade do usuário verificar regularmente e consentir com a mais recente versão da mesma.
A presente política foi atualizada em janeiro de 2021.