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WordPress Optimization

WordPress website speed boost

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Understand how increasing the speed of WordPress sites will improve your results.

How to increase the speed of WordPress sites is a frequent question among users. Speed ​​problems are a major obstacle for anyone looking for high performance on the internet. Most users tend to leave the page if your site is slow, in addition, almost 80% of users do not buy from sites that take a long time to open their pages, according to E-Commerce Professional.

Why Increase WordPress Website Speed?

It is a fact that everyone prefers their website to be as fast as possible and remain above average quality. However, in practice, few people know why these changes affect so much your company’s results on the internet. MW Online lists here some relevant information on why you should adjust the speed of your site and what in practice this interferes with your users:

User Experience

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Understand with practical examples what the user experience is and how it influences your results.

Today more than ever, companies seek to bring the best experience during user access when digitally disclosing. Who has never experienced problems where when clicking to learn more about a product the site took so long to open that you simply gave up? This is very common and the user experience counts a lot when it comes to registering via a form, receiving a click on the contact button or selling your service or product.

It’s like arriving at a restaurant and taking a long time to be served, no matter how good the food is, by the time it arrives at your table, you’re already irritated and even thought about leaving. Imagine now in an online environment, where with a click you can leave and in a few seconds enter the competitor’s restaurant. Well, the speed of your website is directly linked to the experience your user will have on it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ranking on Google

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How SEO and Google Rankings Correlate

Very famous terms for programmers and people who work with the digital environment, but that seem like a seven-headed animal for anyone who is building a website or looking for improvements in what already exists. SEO is nothing more than a set of strategies to improve the positioning of your website or pages in search engines, including Google, that is, working your website’s SEO you improve your positioning on Google!

Speed ​​is a very important factor that is part of the strategies to reduce your distance from the top of the search pages. This is because if your site is taking too long to load pages, it is penalized by search engines, thus appearing in lower positions. In addition, strategies that make your website consume less internet data, in addition to choosing reliable hosting, are fundamental points to increase your positioning.

How to test WordPress site speed and loading?

There are several ways to analyze the performance of your website speed. MW Online lists places you can test it here:


Google’s own measurement tool, which scores your site’s speed between 0 and 100. The higher the score, the greater its relevance to search engines and, potentially, the better its position.

To receive the analysis is very simple: just access the tool, enter your URL and click on analyze! In addition to your score, you will also be informed if you eventually have low grades, why this happened.


Lighthouse can be opened via Google Chrome extension or as a command line tool, it allows you to audit and also improve the quality of web applications. MW Online’s tip is if you want to do this verification yourself, do it via the extension because the interface is more intuitive and better for reading the reports.

Downloading and installing the extension, just enter the URL you want the analysis and, after quick tests, an improvement report will be available.


It is a tool designed to quickly perform performance and load time tests on your website pages. Your report should be used to drive improvements and make your site faster.

To use it, simply access the site, enter the URL of your site and, most importantly, enter the correct analysis parameters.

It is important to note that, although these tools are easy to access and simple to obtain reports, in addition to seeking to inform in detail the improvements that must be made, the language used is technical and often complex to understand. Therefore, if you have received the report and need help understanding how to improve or effectively make changes to your site, you can count on the MW Online Site Performance team.

Which WordPress themes can be speed optimized?

MW Online specializes in building, hosting and improving websites on the WordPress platform. In this way, we can carry out optimizations and improvements in the speed of your site in any chosen theme.

If you still don’t have a WordPress site, understand here (wordpress security) because the platform is safe and what are the benefits of migrating your site to the system.

How long does it take to review and optimize the speed of WordPress sites?

If you choose to perform the performance optimization of your site and it is already developed in WordPress, MW Online will carry out the entire process and deliver the site fully optimized within two to ten days. This deadline is influenced by the amount of data, pages, tabs and integrations on your site.

Does the performance boost work for desktop and mobile?

Models of devices that optimization is performed on.

Yes! MW Online’s performance optimization is aimed at both devices, with emphasis on improving the speed of your WordPress site on cell phones, since access through this means represents, in the vast majority of the company’s customers, more than 70% of annual hits.

Finally, it is important to note that MW Online specializes in WordPress and can help your company achieve better results with different solutions. Interested in our service? Get in touch, fill out the form and we will make a budget without commitment.