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Advogado de Família Curitiba

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Advogado de Família Curitiba

The family is the most precious asset there is. For this reason, we act in a specialized manner with family and succession law.
The office values ​​the humanized and personalized service according to the demand of each client. We act diligently, effectively and quickly, always seeking the best legal solution for the concerns of those who seek us out.


A lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in the legal field, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of Curitiba (UniCuritiba), has a postgraduate degree in Civil Law from Universidade Positivo and several practical courses in the area of ​​family law and succession. He has extensive experience in civil law, family law and inheritance law, with a differential in humanized, transparent service, without complicated technical terms, agility in service and periodic submission of reports on the progress of the process.