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Alda Toscano

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Alda Toscano

The Alda Toscano atelier has become a reference in São José do Rio Preto for women’s clothing, especially bridal gowns.

Currently, the Alda Toscano studio is run by the stylist Alda, who has been creating high quality products with world-class finishing for years, with competence, artistry and professional experience.

Through a personal and unique style, Alda seeks to make dreams come true. Exuberant or classic, the models portray happiness, simple and original lines that highlight the brand’s personality.

Throughout this period, Alda’s creativity and good taste have been perfected in constant refresher courses, trips and research.

With personalized service, quality, seriousness and competence, Alda Toscano wants to satisfy the expectations of its customers.