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Amanda Kalil LP

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Amanda Kalil LP

Living in Spain for almost 10 years, Amanda has always had the initiative to help people, so in her spare time she created a YouTube channel to explain all the bureaucratic processes for free.

Today, Amanda Kalil has 3 Master’s degrees and a Doctorate in Law, is a professor at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville and has become the first migration tutor to help her compatriots to legally migrate to Spain.

She is an expert on studies in Spain, as she can explain all the tricks she knows as a university professor and immigration lawyer. In addition, together with its team, highly specialized migration tutors, Studio Migratório AK offers integrated services to immigrate to Spain.

Since then, Amanda Kalil has helped more than 300 compatriots to fulfill their dream of studying and living in Spain, it’s time to help you fulfill yours!