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Indo Para Portugual

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Indo Para Portugual

Here you will have a lot of information about Portugal, how to live, study and undertake in the country that is the destination of many Brazilians and foreigners.

The site is an extension of the Instagram profile @indo.pra.portugal with almost 11 thousand followers, where we bring daily information about Portugal, tips, information about documentation, explanations about visas and, above all, a lot of interaction with those who follow us.

The Going to Portugal portal is a website with exclusive and fully updated content on the most important information about Portugal.

Legal and administrative procedures involving your change of country, as well as the acquisition of Portuguese nationality, obtaining visas, opening companies or any procedures both in Brazil and in Portugal, will be carried out by the Vicente & Souza Sociedade de Advogados, owned by Dr. Rodrigo Vicente, OAB/SP nº 332.316 (Brazil) and AO 64928P (Portugal) and Dra. Rosimar de Souza Vicente, OAB/SP nº 340.803 (Brazil) and OA.

The present portal is managed by the lawyer Dr. Rodriguez Vicente.