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Mundus Psi

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Mundus Psi

Mundus Psi – Clínica de Psicologia e Psiquiatria is a space that proposes to provide services of psychodiagnosis, psychotherapy and psychiatry outpatient care, contributing to the well-being of the individual.
It is worth mentioning that, recognizing the complexity of human beings, Mundus Psi seeks to offer clinical services with professionals from different theoretical approaches of Psychology. We serve children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Our Mission is to contribute to the promotion of the bio-psycho-social well-being of its patients around the world and in their most varied contexts, providing high quality services in the field of psychology and psychiatry.

Our Vision is to be, by 2024, a sustainable company recognized for its ethical values ​​and for providing quality services to its patients in the areas of psychology and psychiatry.

Ethics, focus on the patient, quality of service, focus on results,
Professional qualification and sustainability are our main Values.

Count on us, we are here for you.