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RC Criptoativos

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RC Criptoativos

My name is Rafael, also known on social media as “chaulin.eth” and in recent years I have worked as a private investment advisor at the largest brokerage in Latin America. I have several financial market certifications and extensive technical knowledge in all traditional investments: Stocks, Fixed Income, Private Credit, Investment Funds, Real Estate Funds, among others.

RC Criptoativos is the result of a lot of study and practice with my investments in this type of asset. As part of my desire to share my results I created the Crypto Wallet in three profile types: Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive.

I also write fortnightly reports on Cryptocurrencies, Tokens, NFTs and technology in this segment, the famous WEB 3.0.

I’m available to answer your questions about the market, just use the “contact” tab and I’ll be answering you as soon as possible!