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Retrobel emerged in 2017 as an Instagram of decoration inspirations focused on bringing the references that were in vogue at the time in Boho, Bohemian and Naturalist styles.

In 2019, what was just a selection of inspirations materialized in a decoration store and, over time and with direct contact with groups of artisans, came the understanding of the importance of preserving and valuing crafts and art Brazilian popular.

These styles were always present in the references, as well as the desire to bring the inspirations that were posted to the Brazilian reality.

Capim dos Pampas was the gateway to the emergence and growth of the business. Known worldwide, pampas grass arrived in the country at the hands of Retrobel in a pioneering way and, currently, the store still has the largest catalog of Pampas grass models in Brazil.

“It’s a feather totally linked to our history of looking for references and posting on Instagram. Pampas grass, which was already a trend all over the world, was happening a lot on Pinterest, in the references on Instagram of decoration profiles that were from outside and, therefore, we brought it here. The store started with the first product being pampas grass”.

Currently, Retrobel works with exclusively Brazilian and handcrafted products, a choice made at the beginning of the company and which remains its main pillar until today.