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Solutions Business Interiors

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Solutions Business Interiors

Founded in 1995, Solutions has grown from a small independent dealer to one of the most respected Haworth dealers in Canada, with operations in Edmonton, Alberta and Fort McMurray, Alberta, as well as Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a Haworth preferred dealer, we are an exclusive Haworth partner supplying all Haworth products north of Alberta. In addition to our alliance with Haworth, we are associated with over 100 manufacturing partners, representing many of the top brands in our industry.

At Solutions, we are committed to conducting all operations safely and reliably and preventing accidental loss or damage to any of our partners, employees and physical assets. This commitment to protecting people and property is upheld by the Solutions management team and a strong safety culture led by our employees. We are proud to be recognized as a COR Certified company.

At the heart of our evolution is the opportunity to serve large customers, and with the recent acquisition of a company specializing in biotechnology environments (Norlab), we continue to expand our product and service offerings to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Solutions Business Interiors operates as a subsidiary of Solutions Group of Companies.