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Zurique Laboratório

Zurique Laboratório

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Zurique Laboratório

Welcome to ZURICH, a new concept in diagnostic medicine,
we perform from the most complex and current genetic tests to laboratory tests.

Our laboratory is based on three pillars:


We use state-of-the-art equipment for the analysis of laboratory tests, always seeking maximum precision in the results, we offer some exclusivities during collection such as a differentiated space and total attention to the customer.

We are always looking for technological innovation, we are pioneers in the use of virtual reality glasses in the collection of exams from adults, you will be transported to a landscape of total relaxation where you will remain for a few minutes until the nurse performs the collection.

This Swiss collection technique aims to minimize discomfort and ensure greater accuracy of results, given that some hormonal tests are impaired due to the stress and nervousness of the collection.