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The Family Constellation entered our lives in an enlightening way in 2017, since then, through it, we have achieved solutions, clarifications, awareness of family repetitions and with that great releases.

The family constellation was created by the German Bert Hellinger. A therapeutic method of resolving conflicts that permeate generations. Bert, suggested analyzing the subject and his actions from his family system.

From this passion and studies, Consttelart was born! We chose today to share it with all of you. We are passionate about decoration, art and design… we combine all this with beautiful and emotional memories, my sister and I always witness good times with our family around the table or even sitting on the floor full of pillows to listen to our mother play guitar while our father took care of the birds in the middle of nature. We brought a little of this philosophy to our daily lives, and with it the loving search for understanding, acceptance and liberation.

We did everything with a lot of love, for love.