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Serraria São Sebastião

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Serraria São Sebastião

In 1974 a man decides to undertake in the wood business in a city located in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Courage and determination were the pillars of Mr. Nicolas Caivano. This is how Serraria São Sebastião de Cardoso was born.

In a short time, his son, passionate about wood, aged just over 15, became a man, took over his father’s business, dedicating himself honorably to the branch until his departure from this world, consolidating a beautiful family tradition. The company affectionately takes on the nickname of Serraria do (eternal and unique) “Marcão”.

Since its inception, we have been (and continue to be) a company concerned with the development of its activities in accordance with environmental preservation standards. Our main objective is to fulfill the dream of wood in the work of each client. And, after more than 4 (four) decades in the market, we can say that, more than customers, we conquer, with each sale, true friends and partners.

Our trademark is the quality of our products, differentiated pieces, standard and non-standard sizes and amazing results!

Madeira is with us!