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Sistema Notorius Marketing Jurídico

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Sistema Notorius Marketing Jurídico

The Notorius System is a specialized legal marketing platform that offers solutions for lawyers and law firms that want to attract clients and stand out in the competitive landscape. With Notorius, you will have access to a daily content production, ready and customizable according to the visual identity of your office. The system provides legal posts in various formats, such as images, videos and carousels, and also allows you to automate the production and sending of posts to social networks through WhatsApp.

In addition, the Notorius System also has an exclusive Artificial Intelligence tool, which helps in the generation of procedural pieces, articles and subtitles for social networks, saving your time and keeping your blog updated. The platform offers classes, e-books and tips on legal marketing, addressing topics such as the limits of advertising in law and the provision 205/21 of the OAB. With legal texts written by lawyers and subjected to a “triple review,” along with the graphic part prepared by design professionals, professional quality is guaranteed.

The Notorius System differential lies in its exclusive specialization in legal marketing, providing personalized strategies for law. The platform is the only one with legal posts that include videos, taking advantage of the potential of social networks for this format. In addition, the presence of an Artificial Intelligence tool makes content production even more agile and efficient. And the service is human and accessible, providing contact via WhatsApp with real attendants.

With the use of the Notorius System, you will be able to conquer new clients from different regions of the country through social networks, strengthen your authority in the market, allowing you to increase the value of your fees and optimize the management and growth of your office. Try the free trial of the Notorius System and find out how to boost your law practice effectively and professionally.