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Vital Âtman

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Vital Âtman

Our soul is to help you take care of your health, stimulating the experience of self-care and rescuing self-love. We inspire people to look at themselves and see that they can have a better quality of life, and when we say look at ourselves, it’s from the inside out – at your strengths, your beauties, your greatness and your greatest power, which is what your Being.
Full health goes far beyond the physical universe – it must vibrate in each of our cells, passing through our organs, our Being, our family, community and the entire planet. The biggest quest of human beings is to be happy, for this we need integral health and quality of life, it is in this scenario that Vital Âtman has always made all the difference.
Since the beginning, we have invested in the cold extraction method, which guarantees 100% integrity of the omegas contained in the oils. We always believe in studies, in research, in listening to people and understanding their needs, in bringing to Brazil the most certified cold and deep water fish oils in the world, and many other relevant things.
Inspiring you to take care of yourself is not just a slogan, it is a process that ranges from ethics and transparency in relationships, to the way the supplement arrives at your home.

We truly want you to love yourself, take care of yourself, be more aware of who you are in order to live better with yourself and with others.

Vital Âtman, for 21 years inspiring you to take care of yourself.