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Dr Anderson Bertolini

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Dr Anderson Bertolini

Dr. Bertolini discovered a taste for medicine very early on, he graduated as a doctor at the age of 25 and since then he has always been in search of improvement. He took several specialization courses, inside and outside the country, in search of new knowledge to bring beauty combined with health to his patients, in a complete and lasting way. He believes that medicine is a way of helping people to evolve in their life trajectory, so he underwent laser training at Harvard Medical School (USA), is a member of the Brazilian Society of Laser in Medicine and Surgery, member of CILAD – Colégio Ibero Latino Americano de Dermatologia and Member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine, he also dedicated himself to the study of scalp diseases and baldness, but something special was still missing, as he always believed that the patient needs to be seen in an individualized and integrated way, as a unique and special being, where everything needs to be in harmony. He then decided to acquire new knowledge in the area of ​​Nutrology, being a member of ABRAN (Brazilian Association of Nutrology), and also of the Brazilian Society of Exercise and Sports Medicine, but he still wanted more, he wanted something that combined his passion with his ideals, and then he discovered Integrative Medicine, which is a medicine that seeks preventive strategies capable of guaranteeing healthy aging and quality of life, by controlling and combating risk factors, in addition to the metabolic optimization of the human body, using conventional medicine techniques and alternative that are backed by scientific work, is a worldwide trend and aims to treat the individual as a whole, balancing the body and treating possible illnesses and deficiencies.

Dr Bertolini uses this knowledge to help his patients in the area of ​​Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Trichology (Baldness), Integrative Medicine, Orthomolecular Practice and Aesthetic Treatments.

This way your patient is fully treated, with all the benefits acquired in years of study and dedication.